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Yoann Conte - Veyrier du Lac

November 11th 2012

I have to admit that I was a little little bit skeptical when I entered the place. On every signs in and around the restaurant Yoann Conte proudly boasts his lineage to the famous and sometimes controversial Marc Veyrat. I never had the chance to taste the black-hatted Chef's cuisine before he retired and for some reason I never really felt tempted. After that meal, I have realized that the great Chef from Savoie might well have had some of the genius that so many other chefs were denying him. 

Back onto Yoann Conte's cuisine, it was tasty, fun and deeply rooted within the region, with mostly locally-sourced products (apart from some that he brought along from is native Brittany). The use of mountain herbs brings a unusual twist to his preparations.

Among the unforgettable dishes, we can outline the "walk in the wood" which is a bunch of flavors and perfumes from the forest with this extraordinary moss made out of leavened herb-pancake dough.
Also the wonderful hay sherbert (not pictured here) is really just what it says i.e. a sherbet made with hay from the barn. Surprisingly enjoyable!

Many recipes belong to Marc Veyrat but who cares? It was joyful and Yoann Conte's enthusiasm is rejuvenating. I am so glad he got his second Michelin star since then. It is well deserved.

The Annecy Lake as viewed from the terrace.

"A walk in the wood"

Carrots in every way
Mash, vegetable ravioli, pine-honey confit

Dublin bay prawn
Sweet-spice-glazed, curry herbs and oregano 

Savoy Trout
Cress broth

John Dory, "Hell's fire"
Piemontese risotto

63°C egg
Arachnid Polenta and carvi jus 

Pork in every way
Iberico rib-eye, Pata Negra pluma, cabbage sausage,
 cooked in a  pot sealed with hay.

Veal sweetbread
Pumpkin and liquorice stick

Yoann Conte
13 Vieille route des pensières
74290 Veyrier du Lac

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